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Across NSW, many thousands of people are without a place to call home and many more are living in chronic housing stress.  Social housing should be a safety net that supports people experiencing homelessness and housing stress but there isn’t nearly enough to meet community needs.  More than 53,000 people are on the waiting list and in some places the waiting list is in excess of 10 years.  The SVDP has launched the Build Homes, Build Hope advocacy campaign to call on the NSW government to build 5,000 more social housing over the next 10 years to begin to address the issue

What can we do!

SVDP seeks to collect more than 15,000 signatures on our petition to present to Parliament in May 2020.  Clipboards and pens are available at the exits and there is no reason that St. Kieran’s can’t raise 500 signatures on our own.

You might also like to raise it with our local member or write to a newspaper

Additional copies at the office

Thank you in anticipation

John McCarney   0413 717 993