vinniesThe SVDP Bushfire Appeal has raised $22.2 M and has already distributed $10.3 M to people directly impacted by the fires in ACT, NSW, Q’land and Vic.  The balance of $11.9 M remains for both community recovery and Rebuilding phases..  All funds raised will be spent in assisting those affected in the recent bushfires, as administration costs will be borne by the Society through separate funding. 

A farming couple, wiped out in recent North Coast fires was evacuated to Northern Beaches.  They were seeking to obtain rented accommodation and approached the SVDP for help.  Our support person obtained free accommodation, supplied food vouchers, clothing, household goods and furniture, whilst paying the government entitlements to them.  They wanted to eventually relocate near their destroyed property to rebuild the farm infrastructure etc.  SVDP has obtained local free housing, with the names of local agencies and contact people to assist them in accessing the services they need when they are ready.  We have assisted in the payment of urgent outstanding bills and transportation costs.  The couple was overcome with our support.  This is just one example of not just financial support but the wider needs of the fire ravaged community. John McCarney, Manly Vale SVDP Conference