Our Mission Statement is predicated upon the vision articulated by the parish community in response to the question: “What kind of faith community do we aspire to be?"



This Vision which was reaffirmed in the revised Parish Pastoral Plan in 2013 is as follows:

Our Vision is that we seek to be a community which is:

  • welcoming, friendly and hospitable;
  • open to change, willing to learn, grow and collaborate;
  • served by the rich diversity of our talent and ethnic composition;
  • paying particular attention to the needs of families and youth;
  • used to celebrating both socially and liturgically;
  • striving to be Christ centred while reaching out to others


  • Aspiration I We aspire to be and be seen as a community whose primary purpose is worshipping God, through Christ.
  • Aspiration II We aspire to be a welcoming and caring community, and strive to ensure that our hospitality is inclusive.
  • Aspiration III We aspire to be a community well-formed in the Catholic faith.
  • Aspiration IV We aspire to be a community that is open, relevant and transparent.
  • Aspiration V We aspire to be Gospel followers who are responsive to our baptismal call.


These aspirations in turn are ellaborated upon in the Parish Pastoral Plan for 2014-2016