Hey folks,

Sorry it's been a bit quiet on Cantor Club front for a while. After getting back from overseas there's been plenty to catch up on, but am keen to really get things up and running for us!


I've got a few dates booked in for Cantor Club coming up so thought i'd put them all in the one broadcast so people can have a chance work out their diaries etc.

Scheduled Rehearsals
Monday 27th September - 7.30pm-9pm @ St Cecilia's Church
Monday 11th October - 7.30pm-9pm @ St Cecilia's Church
Monday 25th October - 7.30pm-9pm @ St Cecilia's Church

Sunday 31st October - 9.30am St Kieran's Morning Mass
Wednesday 17th November - 7pm - Parish Open Mic Night
Christmas Concert - Date TBC

Next Monday night Vocal Coach Emily Edmunds will be coming in to work with us. Going through vocal techniques and group work. Please bring along any sheet music/scores which I have given you.

The Cantor Club who performed on the 5th Sunday last month were fantastic. It was such a  great mass and the music was the main reason. It was a small crew but the harmonies and the sound they produced was so beautiful and strong.


Very much looking forward to the next 5th Sunday coming up in October. Also the dream is to get Bohemian Rhapsody in full to be  performed for a Music Extravaganza Christmas Concert in St Cecilias Church at the end of the year.


Lastly, please enjoy Ben's YouTube of the week this week.


No watermelons were hurt in the making of this film.

Look forward to seeing you NEXT Monday night.