A family focused men's organisation.catenian_hand


The Catenians makes you part of an international brotherhood of over 10,000 members.

As well as monthly meetings and social activities you will be part of a caring fraternity, that encourages its members to lead full Catholic lives.


Catenians  lifelong friends.


As a Catenian you will be introduced to a wide circle of Catholic friends.

The local groups are called circles which relates to Catena (Latin for chain).

The Catenian Association is a close knit fraternity and its members are pledged to help one another in times of need.

When in need you will be supported by prayer, advice and practical assistance.

Catenians are especially concerned with the care of widows and children.


Encouraging Christian values.circle_meeting


At the Circle meetings, the Catenians create a forum of Catholic men to meet, socialize and to encourage each other in the practice of their Faith.

Families of members are welcomed at the many social occasions and special Church events throughout the year.

As a Catenian you will be encouraged to visit other Circles to strengthen the bonds of friendship throughout the Association.


Catenian community activity.


The Association has no political affiliation and is not involved in Catholic Action but members are encouraged to be active citizens and committed Catholic.

Fundraising is not a primary aim but many members are introduced to voluntary works by other Catenians.

The local Manly Catenians regularly support the Sisters of St Joseph activities in Timor.


Aims of the Catenian Association.catenian_meeting


  • To foster brotherly love among members.
  • To advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of their career.
  • To develop social bonds among members and their families.
  • To advance the interests of members and their dependents by individual or collective action.
  • To establish, maintain and administer charitable funds.


Becoming a member of the Catenians


Inquiries from prospective members of the association are always welcome.


  • You must be Catholic.
  • You must be a layman and over 21 years of age.
  • You must be nominated by a member of the Association and accepted into the Association.


The local Manly Catenians meet at Manly Golf Club every third Wednesday of the month.

Laurie de Ambrosis 9949 4031