expo_sacrament_110Each Friday at the conclusion of the 8.30. Mass the Blessed Sacrament of exposed on the altar the adoration and prayer.


Exposition of the blessed sacrament, either in a ciborium or a monstrance, draws the faithful to an awareness of the sublime presence of Christ and invites them to inner communion with him." Therefore, it is a strong encouragement toward the worship owed to Christ in spirit and in truth.


In such exposition care must be taken that the signs of it bring out the meaning of eucharistic worship in its correlation with the Mass. This end is served in the case of solemn and prolonged exposition by having it take place at the end of the Mass in which the host to be exposed for adoration has been consecrated.


The Mass itself ends with the Benedicamus Domino, without the blessing. In the surroundings of exposition, anything must be carefully avoided that could in any way obscure Christ's intention of instituting the holy Eucharist above all in order to be near us to feed, to heal, and to comfort us.  Instruction on Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery, no 60.