Last weekend our parish Cantor Club sang at a function at St Aloysius College. I have seen two letters that subsequently were address to our family and youth music minister, Ben Marshall.


Ben conducts the Catholic Community of North Harbour Cantor Club: a group who like to sing and are willing to perform publically on behalf of the parish.


If you fall in the like to sing category, simply tell Ben you would like to know when Cantor Club practice 2011: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To quote from one letter:


 I want to sincerely thank you and all the cantor club singers for your wonderful contribution which was so important in making Saturday's concert such a great occasion and, dare I say, such a great success(!) We all thought your group was terrific, even leaving aside the fact that you've only been together for a few months!......It sounded like you've been together for years. If you want to keep it going, I'm sure there is a long future there for the group.


Fr Peter