Have a look through these pictures from our March Open Mic Night in 2011, another fantastic night enjoyed by all showcasing the gift and talents of the people in North Harbour Parish.


March 2011 Open Mic Night


Thanks must go to maestro Ben Marshall, who seemed to play or sing in every song and our MC Dave Lee.


Get your act together for the next Open Mic night in April, Fr Petes last, we have to farewell Fr Pete with a massive concert!


If you have an idea for a song contact Ben Marshall This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he'll help you out with a backing group.







Thanks to our contributing video cameramen Romano Di Donato and Rob Jenkins check out their videos below of a great December night, where we saw some of the awesome talents we have within our parish community.



A full house at the St Kieran's Parish Centre saw the musical gifts and talents of the Catholic Communitry of North Harbour in full cry at the final Open Mic Night for 2010.


Click on the image to see all images from the night.


December Open Mic Night

open_micThe final parish social occasion for 2010 will occur in the Parish Centre, Manly Vale, starting at 7.30. sharp on Wednesday 22nd December.

October Open Mic Night

Big thanks to all those who performed at Wednesday night's open mic night, a huge variety of acts and genres and truly great to see some original arrangements and even some completely original music!


Never too early to start thinking about an item for the 14th November. So get your act together!


Also keep in the back of the mind an ADDITIONAL open mic night/christmas party on Wednesday 22nd of december.


This will be much more of a dance feel. So if you can get a dance number ready for December please do so!



 Open Mic Nights will continue in 2017 - dates to be advised.

open_mike_2This is how Open Mic Night works:

  * The parish sets up tables and chairs in the parish centre
  * Our family and youth music minister arranges a programme of music and song: 7.30 to 9.30
  * The programme promotes performance from proficient and budding musicians
  * Those attending bring food and drink and are staggered by the talent and community/family/youth atmosphere and enjoyment.