sonic_2_400Sonic Spirit plays on the fourth Sunday of every month at the 9.30am Mass at St Kieran's.

The group is comprised of Soo Mi Lee on Keyboard, Anthony Frazer on Guitar and Vocals, Kathryn Williams on Guitar and Vocals, Adrian Pulley on Bass, Jason Williams on Drums, Beata  Kromrych on Violin, Maria Dunn and Melissa Sandes on Vocals.

Not that it matters, but our ages range from about 25 to 40. Most of the group members have played and sung in various Cover Bands, Church Bands or Choirs over the years. Some of us are classically trained while others write original songs. So, between us we enjoy music from a wide range of genres.

Our practice usually takes place on a Wednesday or Thursday evening of the week before we play. Members of the group also try to attend the practice sessions run by Ben Marshall on Wednesday nights at St Cecilia's. This enables the group to touch base with musicians from other groups, to stay current, learn new repertoires and keep continuity between services each week.

For more information on how you can join please contact Kathryn Williams  Mobile: 0415 209 368