cwfWhen you give to the CWF, you can be assured that your donation is working for the faith and the people of the Diocese of Broken Bay. 

Over the next few weeks we will be holding the Charitable Works Fund Appeal.

parish outreachOver the last 6 months since the emergence of COVID-19, the situation of our 75 parishioners in aged care facilities has become very difficult. For most of that period there has been an almost total lockdown to ensure the safety of residents and staff from the coronavirus and that has been very effective. Family visits, when permitted, have been limited, and pastoral visiting has not been permitted at all, except in emergencies. The restrictions have lasted longer than we expected and as a result most residents have not received the Sacraments for a long time.

Bishop Anthony RandazzoDuring recent months, Bishop Anthony Randazzo has been visiting parishes in the Diocese on Sundays to celebrate Mass with the local Parish Community and meet parishioners. We had hoped to welcome him last November for the 90th Anniversary of the St Cecilia’s School but he was unable to attend, so we are now inviting him to preside at the 9.00am Mass at St Cecilia’s on Sunday 27 September. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on numbers allowed, parishioners will need to book beforehand. Please see next Sunday’s bulletin for booking arrangements. 

rights of child1Each year the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay highlights the importance of Safeguarding during the month of September, beginning with the annual Liturgy of Lament to acknowledge and pray to God for those who have suffered harm by the Catholic Church, and to give public expression to our sorrow.  

Bishop Anthony Randazzo has this week launched the Rights of the Child Framework developed by the Diocese of Broken Bay.

rciaCongratulations to Marie, Rosemary and Vanessa who were  received into the Catholic Church recently.  After many months of preparation and perseverance we are all delighted to welcome them into the North Harbour community.

1st communion1

Congratulations to all the children who will celebrate their First Holy Communion this weekend and coming weekends (outside scheduled Mass times). Due to the coronavirus restrictions only the children’s immediate family can attend.  A special parish celebration is planned for later in the year when the children can invite their grandparents and extended family and friends to celebrate this significant milestone in the lives.


You are reminded that the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady occurs on Saturday 15 August, a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass times will be as follows:

St Kieran’s – 7.30pm Vigil Mass (Friday 14 August)
and 8.30am on Saturday

St Cecilia’s – 9.00am on Saturday. 

tuan anhDeacon Peter Lê Tuấn Anh OSA – The Augustinians joyfully announce the ordination to the Diaconate of Br Tuấn Anh Lê by Most Reverend Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane, on Saturday 15 August in St James’ Parish Church, Coorparoo, Brisbane. We wish Tuấn Anh every blessing as he continues his journey towards priesthood in 2021.

Again this weekend, the Sunday homily is available
on the North Harbour Parish You Tube channel.
Fr Abel is the homilist. You can access the video at the following link:

At Masses last weekend, we viewed a short video containing excerpts from our livestreamed Masses during the past few months and film clips from contemporary events during that period from Australia and overseas. Much positive feedback has been received. To view this video, please follow the links below:

       Direct link to the Covid video:


Link to the Parish YouTube channel where all the Masses (except the first few) and the Covid video sit:


covid safe logoClick here to see the Places of Worship Covid-19 safety plan

covid safety plan

WEARING OF FACEMASKS – The Diocese of Broken Bay requests that everyone at our celebrations wear a mask. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their own mask. Priests will wear masks at the commencement of the Mass, at Communion time, and at the end. Ministers of Communion likewise are required to wear masks. Some parishioners with particular health conditions may not be able to wear masks but will observe other requirements of hygiene and social distancing. A small supply of masks will be available at the church door for those who may have forgotten one. 

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A Statement from the International Augustinian Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

The recent death of George Floyd, an African American man, at the hands of a white policeman in Minneapolis, has ignited worldwide protests under the banner of Black Lives Matter. Demonstrations have been taking place not only in the United States but in many other countries beyond. The Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation of the Order wishes to express its solidarity with those campaigning for justice and equality for black people and all who are the victims of discrimination, especially in the most economically advanced societies of the world, while condemning the violence of a minority of protesters.

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Thank you to all who supported the Augustinian Order in Australia through the Augustinian Appeal last weekend. Donations can be made to our Community in Vietnam, the Augustinian Seminary and Augustinian Volunteers Australia. You are welcome to choose to which of these you may wish to contribute. Donation envelopes are available in the churches and can be placed in the collection basket. Details of account numbers are on the flap of the envelope in case you wish to donate by direct deposit. We thank you for your generous support! 

Mary help of christians1We know well that unnerving feeling of helplessness. Life changes in an instant – a phone call with bad news, an accident, unexpected diagnosis of serious illness, conflict with a close friend… the list goes on. Jesus’ disciples knew this helplessness so well, especially after his death when they gathered in a locked room, paralysed by fear until Jesus came and stood among them.

Today’s familiar reading from Acts describes a different scene: ‘When Pentecost Day came round, the apostles had all met in one room’ (2:1) – then followed the wind and noise and tongues of fire as the Holy Spirit came upon them. Hearts were changed and lifeless corpses became vibrant witnesses. Pope Francis counsels caution however: ‘The Holy Spirit did not make things easier for them, he didn’t work spectacular miracles, he didn’t take away their difficulties and their opponents’ (Pentecost Homily 2019).

Francis recognizes our need for harmony and order in our frenzy… the Spirit is peace in the midst of restlessness, confidence in the midst of discouragement, joy in sadness, youth in aging, courage in the hour of trial. Amid the stormy currents of life, the Spirit lowers the anchor of hope.

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mary help of christians

pope francis1At his weekly General Audience on 13 May, Pope Francis reflected on the essential characteristics of prayer in his catechesis, and described prayer as universal, intimate, and entirely trusting in God. He said prayer is common to all people, no matter what their religion, and ‘probably even to those who profess no religion.’ In fact, the Pope recently demonstrated the universality of prayer. He invited people of all religions to take part in a day of prayer on Thursday 14 May to implore God for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prayer flows from our heart:  In his catechesis, Pope Francis said prayer involves the most intimate mystery of our being. Christian writers have always said prayer is ‘born within the secrecy of our beings, in that interior place called the “heart”.’ Our emotions, intelligence, and body all participate in prayer, though prayer cannot be identified with any one aspect of our being. ‘Every part of the human person prays,’ he said.

God is not shrouded in mystery:  Prayer, said Pope Francis, is a yearning that takes us beyond ourselves as we seek some “other”. It is an “I” in search of a “You”. A Christian’s prayer, he added, begins with the revelation that the “You” we seek is not shrouded in mystery. “Christianity is the religion that continually celebrates the ‘manifestation’ of God, His epiphany.”

Intimate relationship:  God has revealed Himself to us in His Son, Jesus Christ. So the prayer of a Christian brings us into relationship with God, without any fear or trepidation. ‘Christianity has banished any type of “feudal” relationship from the connection with God,’ he said.