naidoc 2019Today is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday, a day to celebrate and give thanks for the gifts that our First Peoples bring to the Church. They have an irreplaceable role in shaping the story and identity of the Australian Church, and we will never become the Church we are meant to be apart from the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A quote from the late Boniface Perdjert, our first Aboriginal Deacon: “My people existed here in Australia thousands of years before Abraham. In all that time God was with my people. He worked through their culture. He was saving us despite human weakness. He was preparing us for the day when he would see the features of Aboriginals in the image of his Son.”
This year’s theme is “Peace to this house and all who dwell within.” You are invited to “go and reflect, make time to look for your inner peace in your busy life, and celebrate together with your families, friends and the wider community God’s message of peace and love for all.”
We pray for God’s blessing as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Catholics celebrate together in this great Southern land as one people in Christ.