north harbour logoDear Friends,

Welcome to Parish ‘Family Business’! Previously, we included information about the impact of the current situation on Parish finances, particularly in light of there being no collections taking place whilst our church buildings are closed. We expressed our gratitude for those making contributions during the present crisis and included some additional ideas for supporting the Parish. Sincere thanks to those who have responded generously to this appeal. Parish account details are included below for your information.

We are very much aware that many parishioners are facing hardship and loss of income through sudden changes in employment conditions, loss of jobs in industries, forced closure of businesses, and the knock-on effect in many sectors of the economy.

Prompt Government relief measures are very welcome and hopefully are lightening the burden of uncertainty we all face. While the Parish’s income has decreased in recent weeks, we are in a position to avail ourselves of some government initiatives to enable us to continue to employ staff and keep the Parish functioning.

Some families are experiencing anxiety about schooling arrangements where decisions are in process and parents are being advised progressively of plans for the term ahead. For some, school fees may prove a heavy financial burden but I hope that we can maintain enrolments particularly in our Parish schools. Parents with financial concerns should contact the respective Principals after school resumes.


‘Buildings are closed, not the Church. We are the Church…

and we remain open in faith, hope and love!’

Parish Bank Account (2nd Collection—funds the running of the Parish):

Account Name:          Catholic Community of North Harbour

Bank:                          Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062 784 Account No:  2847 8001

Priory Bank Account (1st Collection—funds the Priory & Augustinian Community):

Account Name: St Kieran’s Priory

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062 784 Account No:  1756 8501

Please put your name in the reference section.

If you would like to contribute by credit card please email Jacky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on 9949 4455.