Christmas is a time to say Thank You! During 2020, our Parish and its ministries had to deal with the effects of COVID-19 and many restrictions imposed by the government to protect the good of all. Somehow we found our way through but so many activities had to be scaled down, postponed or not held at all. Thank you for your perseverance – especially our PPC and Finance Committee, our dedicated school leaders, staff, and families, our liturgical ministers, coordinators and all involved in faith formation - Sacramental Program, Alpha, RCIA, Children’s Liturgy, Catechist Ministry, prayer groups - pastoral care of the housebound and those in care facilities, outreach to the needy through Vinnies and GIFT, and our Augustinian groups – AFA, Friends and AVA.  

We thank our Parish Staff and Team - Parish Manager Jacky Worthington, Parish Secretaries Jane Filacuridi and Anne Ross, Sacramental Program Coordinator Janette Davidson, Catechist Coordinator Ursula Halloway, and Music Ministry Coordinator Marianne Deveza. We thank the Augustinians for their liturgical leadership and pastoral concern – Associate Pastors Frs Paul Maloney and John Sullivan, members of the Augustinian Community who are always ready to assist in pastoral ministry, Frs Senan Ward, Abel van der Veer, Peter Jones and Tony Banks. 

We thank you for your generous financial support and we hope that we will be back to full operation of all ministries in 2021. We pray too for the welfare and good health of all in our community and across our world, Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!