covid update oct

  • ·PUBLIC MASSES have resumed in both of our churches according to their usual schedule. Please note that no vaccination status requirement applies.
  • ·SUNDAY MASSES resume this weekend - 23-24 October and the 4 square metre rule applies.
  • ·ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: The NSW Government has published requirements for parishioners to register their attendance at Mass.

*  The preferred method is use of the QR code. It will be simple if people have the Service NSW App on their smartphone. If a person is unable to provide contact details, for example, due to age or language barriers, another person may provide contact details on their behalf.

*  Sign-in permitted. If it is not possible for electronic check-in to occur, please record your name, contact number and entry time on the sheet provided. The Parish will hold this information for a period of at least 28 days so that it can be provided  upon request to an authorised officer

In addition to the QR Code, all are expected to sanitize, and always wear a mask.


*  Funerals – The number of persons attending funeral services is determined by the capacity of the church according to the 4 square metre rule – 140 (St Kieran’s), 80 (St Cecilia’s). Please note that those attending Funerals in our churches must be fully vaccinated. In the event that any person is not fully vaccinated, numbers are limited to 10.

*  Parish Office and Parish Centre - Under health regulations at this time, only persons who are fully vaccinated may enter the Parish Centre or come to the Parish Office. If you are not fully vaccinated, please phone the Office and we will attend to your requests – 9949 4455.