parish libThe recent period of Lockdown has afforded Fr. Abel, with the valued assistance of parishioner John Kiely, the opportunity to refresh our Parish Library by sorting and cataloguing a large quantity of books, donated over recent years, and placing them on the shelves for easier access.

Our Library‚Äôs focus is on books of a religious or spiritual nature, including Scripture study, Devotional practice, Theology, Philosophy, Pastoral Care, Psychology, Liturgy, Sacraments, Church history, Saints, Biographies, etc.  Most books are in good condition and available to borrow.

Also available for perusal and consultation are a number of Reference works, including a variety of Bible translations, Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, and Geography and Atlases of Biblical lands.

You are welcome to come, browse and borrow at any time during Office Hours or, if you are looking for a particular title or author, to contact Fr. Abel, whose mobile phone number is on the back of the weekly Parish Bulletin or John Kiely 02 9400 4105.