fr peter jones osaA message of Fr Peter Jones OSA, Prior Provincial of the Order of St Augustine: PART 3 OF 3.

Particularly inspiring were some heartfelt interventions in which personal experiences of church were shared. Many of these speakers were young, most were women. While the reflections came from personal experience they represented the hopes and anguish of many.

Thanks needs to be expressed to the Team overseeing the Plenary Council process. In the context of the ever changing Covid environment preparing for the Assembly had its challenges. The Team did well in ensuring that the Assembly was able to occur and flourish.

Where to from here? The fruits of the First Assembly have been entrusted to a Drafting Committee that will prepare resolutions to be considered at the Second Assembly at which those Members who are not Bishops will have a consultative vote and the Bishops will have a deliberative vote. Concern was expressed that the Assembly members not be left out of engagement with the process between the two Assemblies. More significantly, the hope was expressed that there was engagement with the broader Australian church in the period between the two Assemblies.

In all of this, there is now the backdrop of the synodal process initiated by Pope Francis. With its emphasis on walking together there is a confluence between what is happening at the national level here and the movement for renewal in the Church universal.

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