Our Parish and Schools Communities have been very blessed in the presence and skilled leadership of departing Principals Fran Taylor (St Cecilia’s) and Michael Gallagher (St Kieran’s). At this time we thank both for their conscientious commitment, good humour and pastoral concern during their years of service in North Harbour. Neither Fran nor Michael could have imagined what was ahead of them these past 2 years but each showed mature and steady leadership and teamwork with staff in responding to the individual and collective, learning and social needs of the children and their families.

Farewell is not an easy word to speak at this time but it is a loving word that expresses our gratitude, affirmation and encouragement as Fran and Michael embrace what lies ahead. We thank them and wish them God’s blessings.

In January we will welcome new Principals of our Parish Schools - Ms Louise O’Brien at St Cecilia’s and Ms Anna Marsella at St Kieran’s. Both are experienced Leaders in Catholic Education and we look forward to their arrival in North Harbour.