"What shall I return to the Lord for all the Lord has given to me? "  (Psalms 116:12)


The state of the Parish finances is overseen by the Parish Finance Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to develop current and future financial plans to meet the growth and needs of the spiritual and material requirements of the Parish community. Through the Committee, the parishioners assist the Parish Priest in :


  •   *  Administering Parish finances.
  •   *  Maintaining Parish properties.
  •   *  Planning future capital works.
  •   *  Preparing budgets, and
  •   *  Raising the necessary finances for the operation of the various Parish services.


In so doing there is a framework for greater shared responsibility within Parish life. To achieve this goal the Committee relies on the continued generosity of parishioners to contribute to the second collection and planned giving envelopes.


The Committee is conscious of the need to protect and maintain existing assets and is also responsible for ensuring that suitable annual and periodic reports concerning parish finances are made available to all parishioners.


The Committee is made up of a small group of volunteers from the Parish community, together with the Parish Priest.  They meet usually on a monthly basis, or as needed.


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