Q. What happens to the money taken up in the 1st collection?

A. The 1st collection is given over to the support of the Augustinian community and the ministries of the Augustinians. Our parish Pastoral Assistant (an Augustinian religious sister) receives a stipend from this fund. Money which is surplus to the needs of the local Augustinian community is given to the Province fund. The latter has to meet the costs of educating young men for priesthood, assist expenses for retired men, pay Province administration costs and the salaries of Province employees and the costs associated with an international religious order.


Q. What happens to the money taken in the 2nd collection?

A. These funds, along with those funds pledged through the Planned Giving Program, are used to pay the day to day running expenses of the Parish, its Pastoral programs and any debts incurred by the Parish for capital projects.


Q. How does the Parish meet its stated goal to be open and accountable with the finances?

A. It is the Finance Committee's role to oversee the financial transactions of the Parish. The Parish Manager submits detailed reports to the Committee at each of its meetings. The Finance Committee provides periodical reports to the parish community on the Parish's finances through the weekly Parish Bulletin and at Sunday Masses. In addition, the accounts are audited on an annual basis by an independent auditor.


Q. Can I gain Tax Deductibility for any money I give to the Parish?

A. No, contributions to the 1st or 2nd Collection or through the Planned Giving Program are not tax deductible. Donations to the Charitable Works Fund Appeal are, however, tax deductible.


Q. What method of financial contribution most assists the mission of the parish?

A. Regular contributions through the Planned Giving Program by credit card or direct debit are the preferred methods of contribution as they facilitate our cash flow as well as allowing us to budget more carefully.


Q. My financial resources are limited; in what non-financial ways can I contribute to the mission of the Parish?

A. Members of the Parish community can contribute in three ways to the Parish by giving their time, talents and treasure. We call it "Stewardship" A way of our spiritual life". Christian stewards recognize that what has been given to them by God is not simply for their own use; that is, their gifts are for the building up of the Kingdom of God. Financial donations (treasure) are only one of the three ways that a member of a faith community can help support their parish. Many members of our Parish community already contribute their time and talents to the many active Ministries within the Parish as well as volunteering to perform other works and tasks, such as clerical tasks, computer maintenance, cleaning, cooking and repairs and maintenance activities, etc....


Q. Am I able to make a bequest or financial donation to the Parish?

A. Yes, bequests and donations are always gratefully received. They can provide us with the additional funds often needed to enable us to expand our Pastoral activities, which some times have to be sacrificed or delayed to allow us to meet our day to day running commitments.