Readers ...proclaim God's word of life to the assembly.


"We should make a nest in our hearts for the Word of God." Augustine.

"Formation ought to give the reader: an understanding of the context of the reading; a knowledge of the Liturgy of the Word in the Eucharist ; and develop skills in the art of proclamation." LMIn 55


Readers: prepare and proclaim the first and second readings at Mass. They are also involved in announcing the Prayers of the Faithful and any Introductions to the Mass.


Ministers will have:God_speaks

  • a love of the scriptures.
  • a wish to deepen their experience of the Word of God
  • feel called to share this love with others through reading at Eucharist.
  • will be prepared to participate periodically in a time of formation .
  • will feel comfortable in standing at the ambo and reading to the congregation.
  • are willing to commit to a prepare for their day of ministry on a regular roster.