There are a number of ministries which offer us an opportunity to serve the prayer of the parish as we come to Mass.


What can you do?


People have different gifts, interests, experiences. Even though you may never have served in a particular work before, consider the ministries listed: ask yourself if one seems of special interest to you. You may not be sure, your may have had no experience. However, find out some details, check with someone who does that ministry about how they find the challenges and joys of this work, and put your hand up. Contact the parish office.


Before you start!


Nobody gets thrown in cold. Parish formation sessions will be held and are vital for two important factors in being a minister: competence and confidence. You will have friends and mentors to help you.


Getting on with it.


There is always a leader or coordinator of a ministry. They are there to welcome you, organise the formation and keep you in touch with what is happening the roster, workshop days, changes to the routine, new ideas sometimes saying now its party time!


What you will find!


You will discover a passion for your ministry. Continually learn about it. Practice at it. Pray about it. Get feed back from your mentor. Look at the people you serve and see their gratitude!