Attending to the smooth running of the liturgy.paul_server_1


Let your service at the Lord's table make of your life a table of mercy and welcome for all you know and meet. You minister holy food to holy people in the holiest of all community. Be faithful in the work you do for through it the Lord saves his people.

from Yours is a share, AustinFleming


Senior Servers:


Are men and women who prepare the vessels and books for Mass and coordinate, with the Priest, the actions of the liturgy. Senior servers also assist in the organizing of special liturgies such as on Feast days and at Easter and Christmas.


Junior Servers:


Are young people (up to senior secondary school) who are keen to be actively involved in carrying the processional cross and candles, holding the missal for the presider, helping to set the altar and assisting the senior servers.

  • Servers come early to Mass and help get things ready.
  • They enjoy being organisers, and doing routine jobs well
  • They are pleased to wear the alb (white garment) and are able to walk and act with dignity.