ppc 2014

North Harbour Parish Pastoral Council 2014-2015.


The current council was elected at the time of the Parish Assembly July 2014 for a 2 year period, and strives to develop and implement strategies to meet the aspirations of the parish through prayer, discernment and ongoing formation.


The Pastoral Council meets once a month to look at issues facing the parish. Its key focus is providing assistance to the parish priest with pastoral planning, and developing liturgical and formation opportunities for the parish. 

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The council comprises 18 members including parishioners, clergy and the principals of the two parish primary schools. A representative of the -  Diocesan Parish Support Unit also attends meetings when available.


Parish Pastoral Plan and Parish Council Constitutions

In the past couple of years the two governing doucuments of the Council have been revisited and revised.

The parish Pastoral Plan for 2014-2016, based on a previvious document, has attenpted to bring up to date the vision, projects and future plans of the parish as envisioned by the Council members. The Pastoral Plan may be viewed from this site on the 'downloads' menu.

The Constitutions of the Parish Council were also recently revised to provide for more regular augmentation of council membership and succession planning. The convening of an Annual Parish Assembly has also been introduced to provide more frequent opportunities for engagement between parishioners and parish leadership.


Renewal Of Our Places of Worship


The Parish has a Mission Statement that arose from a Parish Assembly held in 2005. This Parish Assembly was the first held by the newly formed Catholic Community of North Harbour which came about from the twinning of the parishes of St Cecilia's in Balgowlah and St Kieran's in Manly Vale.


The Parish assembled again in 2009 to address issues related to liturgical renewal. The impetus for this assembly was Aspiration One of the Mission Statement which states the parish's desire "to be and to be seen as a community whose primary purpose is worshipping God, through Christ".


The Assembly resulted in the formulation of a document "Concepts for Renewing Our Places of Worship" and is the document on which the liturgical architects commissioned by the Parish have based their Concept Designsfor the Church of St Kieran.


In 2012, the work of the "Renewal Team has been furthered by the proposed renovations to St Cecilia's Church involving a" Working Party of congregation members with an eye to completing interior refurbishment by the end of 2012.


As of July 2014 the work of renovating the Manly Vale Church of St Kieran was completed, incorporating refurbishment of interior fittings, liturgical furnishings, reconciliation room and music areas and audio-visual equipment, as well as provision for greater disability access and exterior landscapping and refoofing of the church.