The Parish Pastoral Council met for its July gathering in conjunction with the Parish Finance Committee mid July at the Parish Centre. The main thrust of the meeting was to prepare for the parish Assembly on July 20th. The arrangements for the Assembly were confirmed and nominations for new parish council members presented.

A draft of the Annual Report for the Year 2013-2014 was tabled and comments were received. The financial position of the parish was reviewed in the light of the recent renovations and budget figures for the coming year presented.

Plans for the proposed parish picnic on Sunday August 31st were also discussed.




The current Parish Council was formed at the end of 2011.

Among the significant issues faced by the Council the following have been the more important:

  • Planning and conducting a Planned Giving Campaign realised in February/March2013.
  • A revision of the Parish Council Constitutions (now available as a download on this site) in response to the evolving needs of the parish community and some practical issues encountered in the operation and timing of renewal of membership
  • Preparation for Episcopal Visitation initially expected at the end of 2012 but postponed till March 2013.
  • Planning of celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of St. Kieran's
  • Renovations to the interior of St. Cecilia's Church, completed for Christmas 2012
  • Deliberation of the matter of the absence of a pastoral associate for 12 months from May 2012-2013
  • The formation of a sub-committee to look at the issue of "Spiritual Renewal" in the parish
  • The planning and convening of an extraordinary Parish Pastoral Assembly (February 2013)
  • The planning of the Annual Parish Pastoral Assembly for July 21st 2013




The Parish Council convened for the last time this year at the parish centre last Tuesday evening. The council considered further the need to address the situation of state school catechetics in our area and the need to recruit further catechists. Will Camphin was complimented on his parish presentation on the use of "Social Media" and plans for the coming Seasons of Advent and Christmas were discussed.


The major item of the evening was the tabling of a draft of the Parish Pastoral Plan for 2014-2016 following the work of a council subcommittee. As the document is finalised it will be presented to the parish early in the new year.


Updates on other matters which included the good news of the approval of our development application for the renovations at St. Kieran's were also received. The position of pastoral associate remains vacant and discussions continue as to the best way to proceed.

Child Protection and Work Health Safety issues were routinely discussed and an update on current diocesan protocols regarding Working With Children was provided. The Parish Council will be in recess until February 2014.



The penultimate Council meeting of the year was convened last Wednesday evening at St. Cecilia's. The members were pleased to welcome among their ranks the newly-elected David Lee, who replaces Lucy Osborn who recent relocated away from the parish.

Major issues discussed included the challenge of public school catechetics in our parish area and the drafting of a new Parish Pastoral Plan.

The work of the Spiritual Renewal Sub-committee continues with the promotion of "The Vine" and an exploration of how we might address the use of social media in our parish community.

Reports on the recent interviews conducted for the position of Pastoral Associate conveyed the news that no decision was made to employ a candidate at this time.

The first weekend of November marks the official end of the Year of Faith will be a Celebration of Holiness Other regular reports were presented and received.



Last Sunday the Parish Council was able to gather for a day retreat and brief meeting at St. Augustine's College. The purpose of the day was to provide some time for reflection and sharing on the pastoral needs of the parish as we work towards an updated vision and pastoral plan. We were able to use material presented to us by Fr. Michael Whelan at the recent parish Pastoral Assembly on July 21st concerned with the challenges facing a Australian Catholic Parish community in our times. Major themes and common threads - that emerged included the need to continue to work on communication, to be more concerned about "who we are" rather than "what we do", and the need to foster and further spiritual renewal in the parish through "The Vine Project" now that major issues of maintenance, renovation and some attention has been given recently to our outreach to the wider community through the Gift Program.

Lucy Osborn, one of our members has tendered her resignation in the light of her recent change of address and location. We thank her for her enthusiasm, commitment and generous service during her time on council.




An Augustinian parish values offering a personal and unconditional welcome to all and the opportunity for friendship and social interaction in different contexts.

An Augustinian parish values the personal attributes of its members and the diversity of gifts they bring: their expertise and talents; their commitment and sense of shared responsibility and loyalty.

An Augustinian parish values commitment to social justice within and beyond our immediate community.

An Augustinian parish values the opportunities and encouragement provided for leadership and service in different ministries in the parish and broader community.

An Augustinian parish values the leadership and service of the ordained ministers, religious and Parish Associates, support staff and volunteers.

An Augustinian parish values the history and traditions of our faith drawn together under the Augustinian charism.

An Augustinian parish values the ecumenical diversity of different faith traditions in the wider community

An Augustinian parish values meeting the challenges of the times, being open to change, and responding constructively.

An Augustinian parish values the responsible stewardship of its resources.

(prepared Nov. 8th 2009)