The current Parish Council was formed at the end of 2011.

Among the significant issues faced by the Council the following have been the more important:

  • Planning and conducting a Planned Giving Campaign realised in February/March2013.
  • A revision of the Parish Council Constitutions (now available as a download on this site) in response to the evolving needs of the parish community and some practical issues encountered in the operation and timing of renewal of membership
  • Preparation for Episcopal Visitation initially expected at the end of 2012 but postponed till March 2013.
  • Planning of celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of St. Kieran's
  • Renovations to the interior of St. Cecilia's Church, completed for Christmas 2012
  • Deliberation of the matter of the absence of a pastoral associate for 12 months from May 2012-2013
  • The formation of a sub-committee to look at the issue of "Spiritual Renewal" in the parish
  • The planning and convening of an extraordinary Parish Pastoral Assembly (February 2013)
  • The planning of the Annual Parish Pastoral Assembly for July 21st 2013




The revised Parish Council Constitutions now provide for an Annual Parish Pastoral Assembly, at which time, annual reports will be tendered, offices confirmed, retiring members are acknowledged, and newly-nominated members approved. This arrangement brings our Council into line with the proceedures adopted in most other parishes and hopefully ensures a more regular transition from current to new membership.


The current Council is co-chaired by Mark Hansen and Bernadette Hickey, who form the executive along with Fr. Brian Buckley and Secretary, Jordan Candido.