Tendering for the renovations of St Kieran's Church closed early in April and work officially began immediately after Easter with the church being closed from April 21st.


The Scope of the Work

- The existing roof had already been destined to be replaced as part of ongoing maintenance work and will now be included in the wider-tilesranging renovations brief.

-font SK The Baptismal area has already be relocated to the front of the sanctuary with the original font restored

- The Blessed Sacrament Chapel will be relocated to the position previously occupied by the Mother of Good Counsel Marian Shrine with the shrine itself being newly housed in the previous music area.

-  The existing Reconciliation Room on the Southern side will be relocated to the Northern side allowing the new music area to be housed on the South.

- The audio-visual equipment throughout will be updated and refurbished.

- Climate control features included carpeting of concrete floor areas, installation of fans and heaters and ventilation features in the lantern of the church.

- A side door at the main entrance will be widend to accommodate a disability access facility.widening of entrance

- Externally landscaping and pathing will enhance the area beside the church and create an attractive environment for gathering.

Picture1- The vestibule (narthex) of the church will be refurbished to create a more open and welcoming entrance to the church. The ceilings of the church will also be painted.


It is anticipated that the work will be completed by the middle of May.





The Process


Proposals for the renovation and refurbishment of the Church at Manly Vale date back to 2006 as an outcome of the parish program and community consultation entitled "Renewing our Places of Worship"  and the energy associated with creating a more welcoming liturgical environment.


One of the principles enunciated at the time was that there should be a natural flow from the community gathering space into the worship space. For this reason a building connecting the existing church and parish centre was proposed, along with considerable modification of the interior to accommodate a more central focus for the Eucharist and other significant celebrations such as baptisms, weddings and funerals.


By 2011 extensive liturgical and architectural consultation had already been completed and plans drawn up and modified to meet budget constraints. Two major issues relating to the joining of the church and parish centre emerged in 2012 as we attempted to progress the plan, namely, the maintenance of a major sewer line between the buildings and the consequence of joining the two building effectively creating one continuous building out of school, parish centre, church and priory, with additional associated regulations.


For this reason, after exploring other alternatives and after much further consultation, plans for the connecting building were abandoned and attention focused on the interior.


Plans were taken to a Parish Pastoral Assembly in February 2013, and while there was no consensus with regard to the alternative external structures proposed, there was broad agreement that we proceed with the interior refurbishment, necessary maintenance work, and some attention to heating and cooling issues.


These proposals were again discussed at a joint meeting of the Parish Council and Parish Finance Committee in the presence and context of the Bishop's Pastoral Visitation in March and the scope of the work was explained to Bishop Walker.


Julie Kelly, the Diocesan Liturgical Commission representative visited the parish in February 2013 and offered encouragement and support for the proposals as well as some suggestions for the refurbishment.


(below: The newly-completed roof on St Kieran's)






Renovation is to be undertaken respecting and preserving the original fabric and concept of the church while at the same time accommodating contemporary worship and sacramental practice.


The aim is to creatively and more effectively use the entire area of the interior, in particular, alleviating congestion around the side entrance that is adjacent to the car park, toilets, presbytery and parish office.


To provide an additional ramped disability access entrance also accommodating the wheeling of a funeral casket to one side of the main entrance.




Upon approval the work will proceed through the remainder of this year 2013 with a preferred completion date of Easter 2014.


A project manager has been employed and contracted to oversee the work in conjunction with the architect.


Finance for the work is within the current resources of the parish and has been discussed and approved by the Finance Committee and Parish Council in February 2013.


The current project has now been officially approved by the June 2013 meeting of the Diocesan College of Consultors which allows us to proceed with final drawing, application to the Council and then going to tender within the next couple of months.



REPORT from 2013


The Parish Renewal Process has come a considerable journey since 2006.

With the assistance of architectural and liturgical advisors and parish consultations

a master plan was devised and presented by the beginning of 2011.


Further investigations and consultation led to substantial revision of the plans for St. Kieran's Church.


In the meantime interior refurbishment of St. Cecilia's at Balgowlah was undertaken in 2012.


After a Parish Pastoral Assembly convened in February 2013 a broad concensus was arrived at with regard to the interior refurbishment of St. Kieran's

and for the time being plans for external construction work left to the future.


The need to attend to various maintenanc eissues and to address particular probelms of disability access compliance have also come into focus.

Many continue to be concerned about the issue of heating and cooling of the church.


The parish community is grateful to those who have laboured long and hard over a number of years.