Share the Journey has at its heart the vision of a united global human family. We are a global confederation, run by Caritas Internationalis, of 165 national development agencies.

We are the charitable arm of the Catholic Church and our confederation works at diocesan, national, regional and international level on issues such as poverty, migration, climate change, hunger, health and emergencies.

Pope Francis launched the 2 year campaign from Saint Peter’s Square on 27th September 2017 when he invited everyone around the world to “Share the Journey” with refugees and migrants.

If you are passionate about migration and interested in what’s happening in our world, then this is a campaign where you can make a difference at all levels. This is an opportunity to share something of yourself and offer it up in friendship in exchange for friendship and a journey of discovery. 

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Dear friend, donate to Augustinian Volunteers!

City2Surf is here again. This is the chief appeal time for Augustinian Volunteers Australia and the excellent work done with aboriginal young people and refugees around Australia through our organisation.

Our volunteers make a difference in the lives of young marginalised Australians - indigenous, refugees or other disaffected youth. Many of them feel isolated living at the edge of our society. Working in cross-cultural settings in Australia we help these young people participate in Education, Employment and Community Development.

In Redfern, we partner with Tribal Warrior to assist in the restoration of the Sydney language so that aboriginal young people are re-connected with culture and gain a new sense of their aboriginal identity. In Western Sydney we participate in the Breaking Barriers program to help aboriginal young people start the day early with a workout and proceed back into education from which they have become disconnected. Our Volunteer in Adelaide works with refugee Mums and children through the Wandana program to gain the skills for life in Australia.

So join our supporters and become a contributor to the work of the Augustinian Volunteers Australia with Indigenous young people, refugees and disaffected youth.

You can donate at the City2Surf Everyday Hero site. Just click here.


Below is the text of a letter received recently from the Asylum Seeker Centre at Newtown;


Dear Kate and North Harbour Parish,

Thank you for the groceries and other goods you have provided for the Asylum Seeker Centre. This will allow the shelves of our “store” to be well stocked, so we can give out weekly parcels of food and monthly packs of toiletries to those in need. We are currently providing bags to over 150 asylum seekers every week, so we get through the stock quickly! These generous practical donations serve to demonstrate to the Asylum seekers that come to our centre that there are people in the local community who care about their well-being.

Your support will ensure that asylum seekers and their families can benefit from all the services the Centre provides, recover from past trauma, and rebuild their lives. In doing so you make sure that they are afforded a dignified, meaningful and safe existence pending the fair, transparent and expeditious resolution of their claims.

We greatly appreciate your contribution that enables us to make a positive impact on the lives of the men, women and children fleeing conflict, persecution and terror in their countries of origin. On behalf of all of them, I thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Frances Rush,

Chief Executive Officer” 

Thanks also to all those parishioners who transported the collected goods to Newtown.

Kate Shaw


Asylum Centre AppealThe Asylum Seekers Centre provides practical and personal support for asylum seekers living in the community.

Next weekend will be the final weekend to donate goods to this appeal.

Boxes for the donation of goods will be provided at St Cecilia’s and St Kieran’s churches, St Cecilia’s and St. Kieran’s schools, and at St. Augustine’s College. At the end of May the donated goods will be collected and transported to the Asylum Seeker Centre at Newtown.

asylum seekers.jpg

Our parish Justice and Peace Group would like to thank you for your generous donations to the Asylum Seeker Centre in Newtown.




strictly businessOne of the things we always like to highlight during our planned giving campaigns is just how much happens in our parish. We have 2 Churches, 2 schools, the parish centre and there is always something happening somewhere. During 2015 we performed 170 Baptisms, 206 Confirmations, 165 First Communions, 47 Funerals and 2 Weddings.

We conduct 11 regular Masses a week. Our Catechists see around 800 children in state schools a week. We have a dedicated group of Eucharistic Ministers offering pastoral care, on a daily basis, to those in our community no longer able to attend Church. We have children’s liturgy, Vinnies groups, Catholic Women League, hospitality, social justice, music and many, many other groups.

We have been a parish that has always had a history of volunteering and of financial contribution to maintain our Churches. Some of our contributors are now the 3rd generation of families to support the Parish. Supporting the Church is not only about financial support, it’s also about getting involved, joining a group, helping out at Mass or perhaps just saying g’day to a new face in Church.

If you would like to join the planned giving program there are forms in the pews or the foyer. If you would like more information about the volunteer work and groups within the parish please contact the parish office.

gift programThis year so far we have made 2020 meals for two for Link Community Food Care!  After many years with Link Community Food Care, Phil is moving on to exciting new ventures with the Parramatta Mission for homeless men, where he has been giving much of his time whilst working with Link.  Phil sent the following message for the GIFT Team.

“As I said on the phone we are tremendously grateful for the meals GIFT continues to supply Link Community Food Care. The provision of the meals lifted our service to a new level and blesses families every week.  It is not just the food that blesses but the knowledge that someone else cares for them.  They obviously know we care at Food Care but knowing that someone that doesn’t even know them cares enough to provide the meals speaks volumes for our faith.

God bless you and the team and stay in touch”

Some exciting news re Dalwood ….

In July, the GIFT Team was able to fulfil a request from Dalwood to help a young mother with equipment for her newborn. .  Kerry sent the following message:

Thanks so much to all your team for the wonderful help. The mum in need had a new baby girl last Thursday and was overwhelmed by all the gifts and goodies provided. She asked me to pass on thanks to everyone involved.”

Evelyn Paterson—GIFT Co-ordinator

Social Justice statement

This year, the Australian Bishops’ Social Justice Statement is titled:

‘A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society’.

The Statement celebrates the value and dignity of older people in Australian life. It challenges us to recognise their significant contribution to society and emphasises that this contribution should not be valued in mere economic terms. The Statement calls for justice for those who are most vulnerable and warns about a view of older people as burdensome or dispensable. For further details about the Social Justice Statement, visit the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website ( or call (02) 8306 3499.

Copies of the statement are available in the church entrances and from the parish office.


Click here to download the Social Justice Statement 2016