strictly businessOne of the things we always like to highlight during our planned giving campaigns is just how much happens in our parish. We have 2 Churches, 2 schools, the parish centre and there is always something happening somewhere. During 2015 we performed 170 Baptisms, 206 Confirmations, 165 First Communions, 47 Funerals and 2 Weddings.

We conduct 11 regular Masses a week. Our Catechists see around 800 children in state schools a week. We have a dedicated group of Eucharistic Ministers offering pastoral care, on a daily basis, to those in our community no longer able to attend Church. We have children’s liturgy, Vinnies groups, Catholic Women League, hospitality, social justice, music and many, many other groups.

We have been a parish that has always had a history of volunteering and of financial contribution to maintain our Churches. Some of our contributors are now the 3rd generation of families to support the Parish. Supporting the Church is not only about financial support, it’s also about getting involved, joining a group, helping out at Mass or perhaps just saying g’day to a new face in Church.

If you would like to join the planned giving program there are forms in the pews or the foyer. If you would like more information about the volunteer work and groups within the parish please contact the parish office.