Below is the text of a letter received recently from the Asylum Seeker Centre at Newtown;


Dear Kate and North Harbour Parish,

Thank you for the groceries and other goods you have provided for the Asylum Seeker Centre. This will allow the shelves of our “store” to be well stocked, so we can give out weekly parcels of food and monthly packs of toiletries to those in need. We are currently providing bags to over 150 asylum seekers every week, so we get through the stock quickly! These generous practical donations serve to demonstrate to the Asylum seekers that come to our centre that there are people in the local community who care about their well-being.

Your support will ensure that asylum seekers and their families can benefit from all the services the Centre provides, recover from past trauma, and rebuild their lives. In doing so you make sure that they are afforded a dignified, meaningful and safe existence pending the fair, transparent and expeditious resolution of their claims.

We greatly appreciate your contribution that enables us to make a positive impact on the lives of the men, women and children fleeing conflict, persecution and terror in their countries of origin. On behalf of all of them, I thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Frances Rush,

Chief Executive Officer” 

Thanks also to all those parishioners who transported the collected goods to Newtown.

Kate Shaw