2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

19 January  2020


Two thoughts emerge from today’s readings. The first is John’s dramatic declaration, Behold the Lamb of God. the second is an invitation to do a personal stock-taking during this first month of the new year, and make some resolutions to improve the quality of our lives. The Baptist urges us to ask what are we fundamentally about and then seek to reset our lives. And St Paul reminds us that we are “called to be saints together with all those who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

An honest stock-taking of ourselves may unveil the selfish motives that often direct our actions. To rise above an ego-centric spirit we need to recognise something outside of and larger than ourselves, the God who cares for us and for the whole human community. Can we listen to John’s call to restore what is broken, and Jesus’ call, to bring light to the world? Do we see that it is with our cooperation that the Lamb can remove the “sin of the world?”

Facing our deepest personal truths is always difficult; it calls us to not just drift along with this world’s evil, always taking the line of least resistance. Discipleship is urgent and costly, but it is also possible and is the way towards the deeper joy and fulfilment that our soul is longing for. If we properly hear the Baptist as he witnesses to Christ, our response will be a stock-taking that goes to the root of our being. It may even reveal to us the truth that sets us free.


Vinnies Bushfire Appeal

A Special Collection will be held next weekend (25/26 January) to raise funds for the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal. Donations can be made in cash on the day or online at www.bushfireappeal.com.au Donations raised will go to people directly impacted by the bushfires. For more information please see our website https://www.bbcatholic.org.au/give/bushfires/resources

This page is currently being updated.

The Catholic Community of North Harbour commits all of its work to foster and uphold the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of every child.


Employees and volunteers at North Harbour are expected to perform all their duties with the welfare of all children in mind and in accordance with government legislation.


Employees and volunteers should:

  • * Provide appropriate supervision to children and ensure their needs are addressed.
  • * Use appropriate language at all times (this means a total absence of swearing, intimidating or other inappropriate language).
  • * Ensure children/young people are not given alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs.
  • * Limit physical contact to appropriate contact initiated by the child. Don?t use physical touch to demonstrate an action without warning or being given permission. Don?t use unnecessary or unwarranted displays of physical affection.
  • * Be open and transparent. The Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 makes it an offence for a prohibited person to obtain, undertake or remain in child-related employment.
  • * Not initiate or encourage any contact of a sexual nature with a child. This includes but is not limited to unwanted and inappropriate touching, inappropriate jokes or conversations (by any medium including telephone and email), suggestive remarks or actions, viewing of inappropriate material, sexual exhibitionism, personal correspondence and deliberate exposure of children to sexual behaviours.
  • * Use non-confrontational behaviour management techniques and language. Don?t use physical contact to force compliance. Ensure your actions are open and transparent.


The parish priest should be informed immediately of any suspected cases of improper conduct by employees or volunteers involving a child. Broken Bay Diocese and the relevant government authority can also be contacted.


Employees and volunteers are required to fill out a Prohibited Employment Declaration declaring they are not prohibited from seeking, obtaining and undertaking or remaining in child-related employment.



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