'Everything is possible for God' Mark 10:27

At school:  When I find loving others a bit hard, do I ask  God to help me?

At work or study: How faithful am I in my acceptance of God's total love for me?

In my family life: In tough times, do we turn to God, confident of guidance and inspiration?

Prayer this week:

God, what is possible for you may not be always clear to us. Even if we see no answers yet, help us to know you are with us, holding us, waiting with us.


They did not understand his words and were afraid to ask.’ Mark 9:32

At school:   If I don’t know what is best to do, why don’t I ask a wise person?

At work or study:   Am I afraid to read the scriptures, in case the answer is challenging?

In my family life:   When questions of right and wrong come up, do we google the bible or…?

Prayer this week?

God, why are we afraid to face your truth. Perhaps we just need to talk more and feel

comfortable in your presence. Together, we will make it! Amen

‘The way you think is not God’s way

but in human’s way.’ Mark 8: 33

At school: Which voice in my mind do I listen to most…kind words or mean words?

At work or study: How do I start to make decisions? With the love of God as the basis?

In my family life: How can we be guided by what we hear in scripture, in our family attitudes?

Prayer this week?

God, your way is the path to living our human life to the full.

If only we realised this all the time. Keep us tuned in to you. Amen.

‘They brought him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech.’ Mark 7:32

At school:     When I meet a person who has trouble speaking, I ………..?

At work or study:   How accepting and patient am I with people with speech or hearing difficulties?

In my family life:   In our family, do we speak to each other with reverence and listen attentively?

Prayer this week?

God, your gift of speech and hearing enables us to open to your Word, Jesus, and to share ideas with others. Help us to understand those who have difficulties in talking and hearing. Amen.

 ‘The doctrines they teach are only human regulations’ Mark 7:7

At school:      How can I remember what Jesus taught us and act like Jesus?

At work or study:    Where do I find wisdom...in Jesus’ words or on talk-back radio

In my family life:     How do we deal with pressures to be “with it” or “in fashion”?


Prayer this week

God, in Jesus you have taught us what is important, to love with sincerity and to live simply.

‘Lord, who shall we go to?’ John 6:68

At school:     How do I know Jesus is the one I can always turn to?

At work or study:   Ultimately, Jesus is the ONE!

In my family life:   When things are good, when things go wrong, to whom do we go?

Prayer this week?

God, all life comes from you and turns towards you.

May our journey to you, be through Jesus, with Jesus, and in Jesus. Amen

'Whoever eats me will draw life from me." John 6:57

At school:  When I go to Communion, Jesus  lives in me and helps me grow.

At work or study: Do I hunger for eucharist, to grow and have life?

In my family life: Is receiving Communion the one thing we treasure as a family?

Prayer this week:

God, source of our life and future

help us draw closer to you each time we share Eucharist in community.  Amen

‘To hear the teaching of God is to come to me.’ John 6: 45

At school:     If I listen to stories that Jesus told, I will understand more about God.

At work or study:   How does Jesus describe God…is that my image of God?

In my family life:   Does our family turn to the words of Jesus to make decisions?

Prayer this week?

God, you are made known to us by the person of Jesus.

Help us to study the scriptures so we know and love you more. Amen

‘What must we do to do the work God wants?’ John 6: 28

At school:     How can I tell what God wants me to do? Take a moment to think…

At work or study:   Does the work of God for me start with…building relationships?

In my family life:   What are God’s plans for our family this week?

Prayer this week?

God, Creator and Saving Spirit.

May we also be people who build up, bring to fullness and love deeply. Amen

‘For there were so many coming and going and no time to eat. ’ Mark 6: 31


At school:     Do I get so busy I have no time to talk to God?

At work or study:   Am I too busy to eat from the source of all life, Jesus Christ?

In my family life:   Let’s make a special mealtime together and say thank you to God.

Prayer this week?

God, all time comes from you and leads to you.

Slow us down, urge us to spend some time, sitting with you, feeding on your word. Amen

‘Take nothing for the journey but a staff.’      Mark 6: 8

At school:     Could Jesus be the friend who helps me live well each day?

At work or study:   What is the staff that gives me  support on my life journey?

In my family life:   In our family we rely on………..to get us to our goals!

Prayer this week?

God, our support and security.

Encourage us to lean on you, to hold fast to you, to walk steadily with you. Amen

‘Where did the man get all this wisdom?’ Mark 6: 2

At school: How can I learn to be wise about what I think and do?

At work or study: What beliefs are the foundation of my life-wisdom?

In my family life: Do we turn to scripture to get guidance about our daily life?

Prayer this week?

God, source of all wisdom and knowledge.

Give us your Spirit to grow in awareness of your teaching and vision. Amen

’If I can touch his clothes, I will be well again.’ Mark 5:28

At school:     If I am angry or upset, can I talk to Jesus to help me?

At work or study:   Do I really know the Spirit of Jesus with me always, healing me?

In my family life:   When life gets tough, do we think of Jesus first?

Prayer this week?

God, you give life and life to the full.

Help us to remember your presence and healing strength, each day. Amen.

“He said to the seas, ‘Quiet now! Be calm!”              Mark 4: 39

At school: When others are shouting, how can I

be calm and quiet?

At work or study:Am I the one to calm things down,

           ask for tolerance?

In my family life: Is there a habit of respectful listening and quiet in our house?

Prayer this week?

God, you are the one who is heard in the stillness.

Quiet our minds and hearts so we can hear you. Amen.

‘‘The Kingdom of God is like a small mustard seed.Mark 4: 31

At school:     What small things can I do to be a peace-maker?

At work or study:   What seed for God’s world of justice grows in me?

In my family life  Can we do small things with great love in our family?

Prayer this week?

God, your world is one of calm, of tolerance, of gentleness.

Let the seeds of these grow in our hearts and bring peace to all around us. Amen.

‘Where will we prepare a room for the Passover? ’Mark 14: 12

At school:     Can I help decorate our prayer table in the classroom?

At work or study:   Is my room a sacred space, a place where Jesus is present?

In my family life:   We have signs of our faith in our house…a cross, an icon, a candle…

Prayer this week?

God, this world is a sacred place where you dwell with us.

Help us to keep it beautiful and safe. Amen.

‘Observe all the commands I gave you.’ Matthew 28:20

        At school: How can I obey what Jesus says about forgiveness?

        At work or study: What command of Jesus touches my heart and challenges me?

        In my family life: Love one another is the important command of Jesus. Do we?

Prayer this week?

God, you plea with us to be aware of yourcommandment of love.

Help us to respond with awareness and loving action. Amen.

‘They will lay their hands on the sick, who will recover.’ Mark 16: 18

At school:       How can I help those who are sick or lonely?

At work or study:     As a disciple, do I pray for the sick, visit and help them?

In my family life:       Have we prayed for sick family, friends and especially sick strangers this week?

Prayer this week?

God, the work of Jesus has been handed over to us. We are to be healers, teachers, supporters of the poor and confused. Strengthen us for this task which Jesus entrusted to us. Amen.

'I call you friends' John 15:15

At school: If I am Jesus' friend and you are too, what does that make us?

At work of study: That's one friend who never lets me down!  Sure?

In my family life: Do we call ourselves family friends of Jesus?  Good family friends?

Prayer this week:

...God, the difference is between friends and servants, isn't it?  You created us and our world and yet you simply want to be our friend.  Our hearts are warmed and comforted.  Thank you.  Amen.