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    For some months now we have been considering creative ways of moving forward with the Sacramental Programme, particularly for the children who received Confirmation in 2019 and First Reconciliation this year.  First Communion during the current term will go ahead.

    Bishop Anthony has now advised of new arrangements from 2021 onwards. Due to the disruption during the crisis of the pandemic, there will be no celebration of Confirmation in 2020. As part of the review of Sacramental preparation, the following decisions have been taken:

    • ·The order of the Sacraments of Initiation remains unchanged: Baptism – Confirmation – First Reconciliation – Eucharist (First Communion);
    • ·From 2021 onwards, children will receive Confirmation in Year 3 (not Year 2 as is the current practice) and then the remaining Sacraments in Year 4. This arrangement makes more sense in terms of a child’s level of maturity and ability to experience a meaningful reception of the Sacrament;
    • ·While the full implications of this decision are yet to be explored, these changes open up other possibilities for the sacramental formation of children and their families. More information will be made available as it comes to hand.

The Diocese of Broken Bay offers a number of resoruces for families with young children from infancy through to school years.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a program for children aged 3-12.

Marriage and Family Life Ministry provides regular opportunities for growth in the faith directed to families.



The Catholic Adult Education Centre  offers many publications useful for young married couples with children.


Happy Saints

has beautiful illustrations of seasonal and devotional themes throughout the year with a selection of other delightfully userfriendly resources.